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A bit about me –

Over the past decade I have been learning about internet marketing, making blogs and websites, getting website traffic and a whole host of things inbetween.

This blog has been put together to help others avoid wading through information to get where they want to get to by using my experience of doing exactly that and finally figuring things out.

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Articles have been added to this site on a variety of topics aimed at helping you and offering different and current techniques to help your own website, so please feel free to look around at the varios topics


In order to help you get organised, Ive categorised some tools that you can download or use online that will help you along your way

When looking at online business production Рthe golden four topics are Niche Analysis, Content Creation, Traffic and of course conversion.

I have produced articles and resources surrounding each of these topics. Please look around the articles section for some nuggets that I use on a daily basis.

5 Great Rules for Running Promotions

Once in a while, you may want to run a promotion on your website in order to attract new customers and to bring back old customers. You probably are very familiar with this, since many businesses do this. Most of the pizza chains, if you sign up for their mailing...

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Tips on Running a Traffic Generation Contest

One of the best ways that you can generate traffic for your website is to create a contest. Contests are great because everyone loves participating in the competition and especially if you are offering some kind of great reward or prize. Generally, the best way to do...

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Real-World Ideas to Promote Your URL

Promoting your website online is terrific but there are actually are some reasons that you should promote it offline as well. You can get quite a bit of traffic by promoting offline, depending on what your URL actually is and how you advertise it. Obviously, you need...

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Hi, I love to learn and help others learn about new technologies that help website/blog performances.

Based in the UK, 1 wife, 2 sons, 1 dog and a cat.

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