Learn how to make a wordpress website

Are you looking to create a website?

There are many reasons to want your own website, be it business, to connect with others, hobbies or many other reasons. Or maybe you just want to learn how to make a website and make money from it. Whatever the reason, let me help you 🙂

I have been creating online presence for around ten years now and have learned a few of the pitfalls and mistakes that we everybody makes when learning how to make a website or blog.
The purpose of this site is to guide you through with no-nonsense fluff so you can create your own website.

Allow me to walk you through what I have learned over the years, how to purchase the parts to make your own website!

Get started!

Get Started

What might be the reasons to consider NOT attempting this yourself? Maybe you feel that you don’t have the technical know-how? Look at it like this – every website online was made by someone who at one point in their lives did not have the technical know how!

I have put together this guide to show you, guide you and send you in the direction to some great ways that will help you on your journey.

I have provided a list of my own personal ‘go-to resources’, which will arm you with the tools for the job at hand – to create your own website 🙂

So whether you are planning on making a website to show off your coin collection, creating an online brand for your business or becoming the next Mark Zukerberg – we all have to start somewhere.  And for you this somewhere is here!

Let me take you through the basics needed to piece together your website, introduce you to places that will help you along the way (and some that will literally do the work for you!) and definitely save you many, many hours of frustration. 

So, what are we waiting for? Lets get started!

Get started!

Get Started