There are many reasons to want your own website, be it business, to connect with others, hobbies or many other reasons – my goal is to show you that you can learn how to make your own website!

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I have been involved in making websites in some form or another for over 8 years, affiliate marketing, SEO, content creation and many other aspects of web presence.

During this time I have seen how straightforward it can be to get an online presence, and I have been asked countless times by friends, colleagues and small businesses how can they create their own website – so I decided to make a website specifically to show anyone how to do create their own websites.

I do not believe that I know everything about digital media as it is a massive industry – but I know that the majority of people looking for a website can, with guidance do it themselves.

Get Online In 3 Simple Steps 

Now Let Me Guide You Through Those Steps

Choose Your Website Name

Choose Your Hosting

Configure And Edit Your Website

Learn how to make your own website


So if you are motivated to learn and try things out then I am very happy to help you as I have helped many before and with great success!

I have also come across many great resources to help on this journey and whenever I find a tool that I like, I blog about it to spread the word so you can learn how to make your own website.  If you want me to let you know when something I really like and use comes along, please subscribe to my newsletter on this page.

Whatever your reason for wanting a website, this guide has been created to walk you through each step to get your first website online.

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