If your business is listed on Google then I will show you how to create a pre-filled five star that you can send out to your customers to help them leave a review with ease.

Receiving positive feedback is great for your company, alerting Google that someone thinks your business is great is even better!

Getting poor Google feedback

When people leave feedback, it can be easy enough for them to incorrectly click on the wrong star and leave bad feedback which isn’t a good thing, and if this is left mistakingly by a satisfied customer then it may be awkward to contact the customer and ask to review their feedback.

Helping your customer leave a 5 star Google review

By sending your customers a pre-filled 5 star review link this does not mean that this is the only option they have, and they can choose whatever rating that they feel appropriate.  But I believe that this will encourage positive feedbacks far more easily.


How to create a link that takes your customers to a pre-filled 5 star review

1.First of all you need to go to the Google Places API and find your business place ID

  1. Copy your place ID into a text editor like word or notepad etc, and add it to the end of this link without brackets – so just after the equals (=) symbol



3 Place this link into a web browser, press enter/return then copy THAT url



Last step – add ,5 onto the end of the link that you last copied



If you send this link, your customers or anyone who clicks on it will to a page where a review box will pop up, filled with 5 stars and the opportunity to leave the review.


How to make the link that little bit better

Use a link shortener service like bitly.com, drop your link in there and it offers a prettier link to send to your customers

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