Why I Enjoy Helping Small Business With SEO Tips

I have a few groups on Facebook that I created and offered free SEO tips for small businesses and start-ups.  I have been doing this for a couple of years now and really enjoy giving out SEO tips or basic website advice, things that if motivated they can do themselves.

Why do I do it

Sometimes (most times) SEO paid services are required to get businesses the traffic they need to their website to get customers.  It is unavoidable if the business wants to succeed – a professional SEO or digital agency are the experts who can get the job done.

But there are lots of the more basic aspects of SEO that, with a bit of learning, it can be done yourself and often it can be relatively easy.  I have a genuine interest in the topic and of course, it is a nice feeling to know that you have helped someone out.

Since I changed my career, I think that has also helped me be more rounded as an SEO professional in the aspect that I can appreciate what it is actually like to work in different fields and what their level of technical understanding can be – often this can be forgotten when you work in the industry and are surrounded by web daily.


What I offer

Usually. I offer free advice to small or start-up businesses as I think that they might be the neediest of it, and that they seem to really appreciate it.

What I do is ask for their website address and complete a review of it, both off-page (links etc) and on-page (Site structure and content) and feed back tips to hopefully improve their online presence, and people are generally happy for the help.


Where I offer it

I am in some business start-up groups in Facebook and quite often give out advice and tips in them.  But, as you can imagine, the offer of free advice can sometimes generate A LOT of interest and I find that the threads there can take over groups at times so I have created a few of my own groups, groups that are specific to the audience’s needs.  Groups are great and I have genuinely saved people £1000s in potential web agency fees.

Visit my Facebook group here if you would like some small business SEO tips 🙂



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