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Toys R Us Closing Down Sale 2018

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A nation’s favourite toy store – Toys R US has announced that it is closing down 25 of it’s UK stores in the coming months.

My kids loved Toys R US!

Ok, so I liked it too.  The immediate recognition of your favourite characters all alive and surrounding you as you walk into the store.

The aisles upon aisles of seemingly non-stop toys, board games, musical instruments, bikes, Lego.  For a child, Toys R Us can be like a dream world, and I have very fond memories of visiting when I was a child, and taking my sons there too!

This will soon be a thing of the past in many of our towns around the UK, largely with the explosion of online sales and accessibility for people to purchase via the internet.  With Toys R US closing around us, sadly our options of toy shops drastically reduce.  If Toys R Us closing is an indicator of the market, how will smaller high-street toy shops survive?  In my home town, they don’t anymore.

Which TOYS R US Are Closing Down?

But, every cloud and all that – there will be the opportunity to hopefully swoop some real bargains.  To see which stores are having sales, take a look at the Toys R US Website for a list of locations.




A child that still likes to make things!

My son is 7 and living in the time where technology really is on tap.  Children can experience any games that their imagination can fathom, and with it just getting better week on week, day on day….you can see why it is tempting to not bother with sellotape, cardboard scissors and all the rest.

I feel very lucky that my son, yes he is a total slave to Minecraft, but I can’t blame him.  If Minecraft were around in my day then I would have been truly immersed.

He amazes me the way he has the option to play on his games consoles when he runs off to play…and soo many times chooses to aim straight for balls of wool that nana has given him.  OK, this usually ends up with spiders webs of wool all around the house, dangling from door handles and stair bannisters…but James is animated beyond belief!

craft-making items

And when he is tying things or visitors up, he is sellotaping literally anything anywhere and everywhere.  Not just random stuff though…he makes suits for himself to wear…once he ran out of the room and made dolls of everyone who was at our house, grandparents and all!  Even coloured them in in the right colour clothes and hair…out of wool, sellotape, broken pencils and lollipop sticks.  He was very proud!

In school he is doing great too.  I know all parents talk about how great their kids are, but mine amaze me at times.  They pester me too, but that is normal, yes?



So, I’ve decided to start a blog…

Starting my blog.  Let’s see where the journey takes me.

Today is the first day of my blog, me, Alan Whitfield.  Why? I am not so sure.  About what? Well, this one is going to be a bit selfish, this is all about me, me, me!

MY favourite music, MY family, MY opinions on life, people and anyone I want to have an opinion on.  And my dog, Jake.

Jake our family dog - alan whitfield

We have had Jake for around 14 years.  We found him at the Dog’s trust in Darlington where we lived at the time.  This was our first experience of the Dog’s trust and also of getting a dog.  Being a rescue centre, there was limited history on his life.  Only he was around 6-8 months old and was found on the side of a road in a bag 🙁 🙁  He was really nervous around us and we were equally nervous around him, neither me and my wife never having a dog before.

We soon got acquainted, a few eaten floors and furniture, missing easter eggs and edible presents, and 14 years on and we are still together.  Jake has seen our two children born and he has been with them every step of the way, and still is but now in slow time.  He is slightly deaf and has cataracts.

Yes Jake, a good topic for my first blog post.  I am sure he will be making an appearance a lot more around here 🙂

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