Krs One – a seriously brilliant night in Liverpool

KRS ONE live in concert!

KRS One is one of the original hip-hop influencers and is referenced by all of the greats past and present.  I have loved his clever lyrics and style for some time now, but never considered that I would actually get the chance to see him live.

Krs one in liverpool

KRS is coming to town

I was looking through the current gigs in Liverpool and Manchester, not that I go out to gigs a lot but do like to see what is about.  And, there it was staring me – KRS One – next week in Liverpool.  Next week! And there were tickets available!!

I could not believe it and had to check that it wasn’t some sort of spam that shows anyone playing anywhere.  It wasn’t and KRS was on his way to Liverpool Arts Club.  I have put a link in there so you can take a look.  There appeared to be mainly localish groups on but there were a few names that I recognised touring there.  Definitely worth taking a look anyway.

The night of the gig

On the night, we got there early hoping to catch a glimpse of the main man.  There were a handful of ‘groupies’ waiting around all excited.  It didn’t look hopeful any time soon, so we went and got something to eat and returned later.  Mistake!  One of the groupies had a handful of CD covers to get sign – KRS has got a reputation of making the effort to sign as much as he can and speak to his fans as much as possible.  When we got in the venue, we bumped into the same fan but with a handful of signed CD covers.  He was absolutely ecstatic


Krs One Live


The Gig

The venue itself was really really good and I would highly recommend if you want to see a gig.  It is quite small, which just means that you get closer to the band.

This photo was taken by me, and yes I was this close.  At one point KRS was rapping a song and stopped for the crowd to shout, I screamed and he definitely gave me a nod.  In my mind, without a doubt.

KRS One – for the uninitiated, was part of Boogie Down Productions back in the day.  They made such great music influencers such as ‘sound of ‘da police’, ‘Mcs act like they dont know’, ‘return of the boom bap’…..the list is going on here.  He is one of the true godfathers of rap.

True freestyler

KRS is known for his freestyling skills and broke into freestyle for well over half of the show.  He also brought along hip-hop DJs which just killed the show (in a really, really good way!)

He was freestyling over classical music, violins, then into dope beats.  It could only be described as ‘real hip-hop’ – his words not mine, but I 100% agree.

KRS has been known to get people up from the crowd who want to freestyle battle with him, or just rap to one of his songs.  On this night, however, he decided to dive right into the crowd at the end and hug as many people as he possibly could.  He was jumping around with fans getting selfies with him that they will probably treasure forever!  I didn’t even get close, not for want of trying but hey it is not every hip-hop fan that can say that they were this close to a rap legend doing what he does best.  And he was on point that night!


Here is one of my all-time KRS-One favourites for your viewing pleasure.  If you haven’t heard many of his songs before, take a look around youtube.  Clever and funny stuff 🙂


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