Getting Started


You have decided that you want to learn how to make a website.  Now, where do you go from here? What do you need to learn, and how difficult is it all??


What I am going to show you is how to go through the following steps

  • How to get your website name here and how to purchase your website’s name and how to put it all together and get it out there online.
  • How to get it ‘live’ on the internet
  • How to get content on your website so others can see it – putting it all together!here and how to purchase your website’s name and how to put it all together and get it out there online.

how to create a WordPress websiteLet’s make some points to hopefully make some things clear that you may be wondering

Regardless of ability, anyone can create a website. But depending on what you want to actually do with the website is where the true learning will start.

For example, you might want a website to display your professional-made wedding cakes – great!


So, what you need to do is learn how to put a site together ….but then you might need to learn how to write great stuff about your cakes – writing is in itself a true skill (and a profession that many people do full-time).

If you wanted to start sharing your stuff over social media – Facebook, Instagram etc – again anyone can, but to do it well takes further learning.

This is just some food for thought on where you want to be going once you have your websites up and running.


What we will be using to create your website. 


There are many many tools out there to create a website.  Here, we will be using an amazing template-based (free!) tool called WordPress.


WordPress is a content-management system (CMS), powerful and flexible.  In basic speak, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and website creation tools out there with a massive community of followers and supporters.


Once installed, WordPress has template themes that simply ‘install’ onto your website name and you have an instant website ready to edit!


Themes are all over the internet, some are free and some are paid – you can even get bespoke themes made to suit your every need.


This here website is in fact made in WordPress using the Divi theme, a particular favourite of mine due to it’s flexibility and functions available.



The goal of this guide


My goal here is to help people find their way through website registration and getting you your own bit of the web.  Beyond that, my friends…well get out there and learn!

I will be adding links and articles about some great stuff out there to help you learn further aspects of whatever it is you are wishing to do online.

But for now, let’s just jump straight in with what you need to create your own website



How to create a WordPress website by Alan WhitifledWhen considering a website – there are essentially 3 things that you will need.

They are unavoidable.

So firstly, let me introduce you to the three key elements needed to create your website, and the three things that you will need to do, and these are the steps that I will get you through.


The three essential steps to making a website




So there we have it!

These are the three elements that we need to work out how to put together, and then you have the know-how to go forth and build your online empire.

Sounds straight-forward, right?

Well, often these steps are mystified (often by web design companies!) – but these are the exact steps that every website needs in order to get online.

1 – Domain – the name of the website

For example, this very site’s domain is

2 – Hosting

This is the fee you pay for your ‘bit of the web’, your rental charge for being visible online.

3 – Making your site

This is the actual ‘content’ that when someone goes to your website, this is what they see, read, interact or do whatever it is that your website does.

That is it in a nutshell!.

So how do we get these three things that we need? Where do we get them and how does it all fit together?

Let’s start by looking at how you get domain name…

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