A nation’s favourite toy store – Toys R US has announced that it is closing down 25 of it’s UK stores in the coming months.

My kids loved Toys R US!

Ok, so I liked it too.  The immediate recognition of your favourite characters all alive and surrounding you as you walk into the store.

The aisles upon aisles of seemingly non-stop toys, board games, musical instruments, bikes, Lego.  For a child, Toys R Us can be like a dream world, and I have very fond memories of visiting when I was a child, and taking my sons there too!

This will soon be a thing of the past in many of our towns around the UK, largely with the explosion of online sales and accessibility for people to purchase via the internet.  With Toys R US closing around us, sadly our options of toy shops drastically reduce.  If Toys R Us closing is an indicator of the market, how will smaller high-street toy shops survive?  In my home town, they don’t anymore.

Which TOYS R US Are Closing Down?

But, every cloud and all that – there will be the opportunity to hopefully swoop some real bargains.  To see which stores are having sales, take a look at the Toys R US Website for a list of locations.